Washington DC, 19 January 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) announced at the World Economic Forum an additional $125 million in funding in support of Ukraine’s energy and electricity grid.

The US administration intends to work with congress for the funding program to support the resilience of Ukraine’s energy and utility infrastructure against the Russian invasion.

The funding would come from the recently passed Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriate Act 2023.

Since October 2022, Russian Forces deliberately targeted Ukraine’s critical infrastructure of heating, power, and gas systems in an effort to weaken Ukraine ahead of winter.

USAID will utilize the $125 million to procure vital equipment including additional gas turbines, high-voltage autotransformers, and backup power for Kyiv’s water supply and heating services.

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The US has already delivered 1548 generators to 22 oblasts across Ukraine, with many more on the way through the USAID.

These generators have ensured the electricity and heating for schools, hospitals, and accommodation centers for internally displaced persons.

The US has also provided $55 million to Ukraine’s heating infrastructure to help the people to get through the winter.

The Government of US remains committed to supporting the government and people of Ukraine in responding to the Russian Federation’s brutal war against them.

So far the US has provided more than $50 billion to Ukraine in assistance since the Russian invasion. In addition, it has provided $1.9 billion in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and in neighboring countries for displaced persons, since February 2022.

Furthermore, to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security during wartime, USAID assistance helps farmers in Ukraine to continue growing food for domestic and global markets.

US stands with Ukraine

To support Ukrainian efforts to document and seek accountability for war crimes and human rights abuses, fill gaps in Ukraine’s health system, and help the local government bodies the US has committed to stand against the Russian Invasion.

Earlier, Secretary of State, Antony Blinken announced that in the coming days, the US will announce additional Security assistance to Ukraine to further strengthen Ukraine’s position against Russia.