Tokyo, 17 August 2022 (TDI): In a recent tweet, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Japan shared its support for the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The UNOPS Japan operates under the United Nations Office for Project Services. It provides infrastructure procurement and project management services to help build the future.

In July 2021, the Republic of Sierra Leone was badly damaged by the flooding. Water drainage channels and waterways in different communities were affected by flooding.

UNOPS Japan also supported improving resilience and infrastructure to make Sierre Leone vulnerable to the changing climate.

Infrastructural aids to third-world countries:

Moreover, UNOPS Japan operates around the globe to support the poor and third-world countries enhancing their infrastructure with the growing tech sector.

Recently, it provided sustainable energy infrastructure to Lebanon Healthcare on 16 August. It will provide uninterrupted healthcare services in hospitals.

Furthermore, Solar Panels are installed in Rafic Hariri University Hospital Lebanon which is one of the busiest hospitals with poor health care resources.

UNOPS provides aid and assistance to the infrastructure sector of countries like Bangladesh, Lebanon, Rhongya, Sierra Leone, etc. It works for countries that lack infrastructure resources.

Moreover, in 2021, UNOPS Japan supplied Mini Grid Distribution Cables, Poles, and Accessories to encourage the impact of the Rural Renewable Energy Project Funded by the Government of Japan to Sierre Leone.

It also provides aid in emergency response situations. Moreover, in 2015 Japanese Government provided 20 ambulances to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Bureau for Migration and Displacement.

Shokr Yaseen, Director General of the Bureau also said,” We highly value this donation as it addresses the needs of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It would save the lives of thousands of women, men, and children.”

Moreover, UNOPS Japan has also worked to bring relief materials to vulnerable people in Ukraine.