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UNICEF talks about mental health at home


New York, 6 October 2021 (TDI): UNICEF shares young people’s difficulties of talking about mental health at work or home. Young people face a number of taunts or words in daily life that affect their mental health.

There are many familiar sentences that are repeated all over the world against young people no matter where you belong and who you are. Sentences like; you worry too much, when I was your age, it’s not a big deal! You have everything that creates a negative impact on minds.

They also share that if parents instead say “it’s not a big deal! You have everything”, say “how I can best support you will change the narrative”. While talking about this at home, Young people share that having support is the first step to looking after their mental health.

They feel that being able to communicate with someone or sharing your secrets and talk with them creates a positive impact on their mind. However, they added that sharing your feelings with your parents can be difficult.

UNICEF works with a group of young people to create a guide for parents and youth. This guide aims to facilitate a combined conversation about mental health.

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