New York, 6 September 2022 (TDI): UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency has appealed for $250 Million to help 3.4 million displaced people in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt.

This $250 million will be used for cash assistance, core-relief items, and shelter weatherproofing. It will be used for the ones who lost their livelihoods to wars, conflicts, and natural disasters.

Need for Assistance

Cash assistance accommodates the displaced settlements’ needs during the upcoming winter months. Whereas core-relief items include blankets, warm clothes, plastic sheets, and other necessary things to survive the cold weather.

The drainage system and infrastructure of informal settlements and camps need immediate repair. Winters are approaching and UNHCR appeals to the world to reach out and help faster.

The UNHCR will purchase ships and the required relief items as the aid reaches these regions via ships. The ships will require calm tides to reach their destination safely. Once the storm hits the oceans, it will get harder to reach those regions.

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It may seem like summer is at its peak due to high temperatures in most parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The winter assistance must reach these regions before the winter storms rage on.

If the help does not arrive in time, refugees and displaced people may move in search of safety and protection. They may become victims of criminal activities as criminals target the most vulnerable social groups.

Displaced people may get kidnapped on the move. They may fall prey to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They may even get attacked at sea. Even if no criminal activities happen, the weather conditions are too harsh to survive.

Therefore, assistance must reach them in time before they move in search of it at the cost of their safety. Funds and assistance from generous countries help refugees to rebuild their lives.