New York, 17 September 2022 (TDI): The United Nations Population Fund Agency (UNFPA)  has called for urgent support for the pregnant women affected by the Floods in Pakistan.

The agency is responding to the situation by providing reproductive health care, medical equipment, hospital tents, and life-saving supplies to facilitate vital maternal health services.

UNFPA’s Efforts amid Floods in Pakistan

Following the devastating floods in Pakistan UNFPA Executive Director, Dr. Natalia Kanem stated, “Our hearts go out to the people of Pakistan during this devastating time, as heavy monsoon rains have flooded a third of the country, affecting more than 33 million people, of whom an estimated 650,000 are pregnant women.

We are deeply saddened by the destruction, and are working with the Government, our United Nations, and NGO partners to support the humanitarian response and secure a speedy recovery from this disaster”.

She further added, “Women and girls bear the brunt of the devastating impacts of climate change and the rising prevalence of natural disasters.

When a crisis hits, women do not stop getting pregnant and giving birth, and the risk of violence escalates rapidly.

Sexual and reproductive health services are often severely impacted, forcing women to give birth without much-needed medical support. Access to family planning and menstrual hygiene products can also be disrupted.”

Along these lines, the UNFPA Executive Director continued, “of the 33 million people affected, 6.4 million need immediate humanitarian assistance, including more than 1.6 million women of reproductive age.

An estimated 128,000 of these women are pregnant, with 42,000 births expected in the next three months. UNFPA is scaling up its emergency response to provide life-saving reproductive healthcare, medical equipment and medicines, gender-based violence services, and dignity kits for women and girls.”

Furthermore, “With more than 500 health facilities damaged in Sindh province, and 240 health facilities damaged in affected districts in Baluchistan, UNFPA is urgently providing hospital tents, reproductive health kits, and life-saving supplies to affected areas so that vital health services can continue.”

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Floods in Pakistan and their impact on Pregnant Women

Floods in Pakistan have left pregnant women without proper healthcare as these floods have washed away every kind of maternal healthcare from the hospitals.

Due to a lack of even the most basic maternity healthcare facilities and educated certified female doctors, women in rural areas already struggle with difficulties related to their reproductive health.

Additionally, pregnancy and childbirth have increased women’s vulnerability and danger amidst the floods as the women are displaced, living in remote camps and tent cities without access to medical treatment.

Likewise, flood disaster has resulted in forcing women, children, and other marginalized groups to suffer hurdles along with poor access to humanitarian assistance.