Islamabad, 12 September 2022 (TDI): UN Women Pakistan is responding to Flood Emergency in the country. The teams of UN Women Pakistan are active in different areas of the country. They are continuously conducting flood relief activities and helping the flood-affected people.

In Sindh, the teams of UN Women Pakistan have distributed kits. The distributed kits were Non-Food Items (NFI) Kits.

Moreover, the teams of UN Women have carried out awareness sessions in villages of the province of Sindh. They briefed the audience about hygienic activities and procedures.

Floods Emergency in Pakistan

Over 72% of Pakistan has been devastated by heavy floods. More than 1100 individuals lost their lives. Schools, farmland, animals, and houses have all been devastated. It left women and their families in desperate need of refuge and economic aid.

The magnitude of this calamity is frightening. Many villages, municipalities, and towns are in the same condition. There is also a higher likelihood of violence against women in the aftermath of natural catastrophes.

Response by UN Women

UN Women is addressing the special needs of homeless women and girls, particularly disabled women. They are giving urgent support, including shelter, meals, medical support, and hygiene items, in collaboration with our partners.

UN Women is ensuring that women in the face of violence have access to crucial services such as legal aid, counseling, and other assistance. UN Women also offer mobile money transfers to the most disadvantaged women who require immediate financial support.

Women are at the core of UN Women Pakistan’s flood response. So far, UN Women has provided non-food goods like shelter, kitchen utensils, medical help, and personal hygiene products to flood-affected women in Swabi.

In addition, providing cash grants worth PKR 20,000 (USD 91) each to the most vulnerable women including young girls, women headed the house, women without income, and women with disabilities.