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UN Women Asia Pacific call to end violence against women


New York, 2 October 2021 (TDI): During a pandemic, the most concern all over the world besides health crises was increasing violence against women. UN Women Asia Pacific shared that it is one of the most striking impacts of COVID-19.

According to them, even in normal times, women face high-level of violence in Asia and the Pacific. The post expressed concern over the violent cases and also mentioned that women deserve to feel safe so violence needed to be ended against them globally. According to the report shared by UN Women Asia Pacific, calls to domestic violence helplines increased during the pandemic. These calls increased by 40% in Malaysia, 79% in Columbia, and 50% in China and Somalia.

They have also mentioned that an estimated 736 million women and girls aged 15 or older have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner or sexual by a non-partner at least once in their lifetime. However, Women have every right to feel safe and secure all over the world. The report shows that actions against sexual violence need to be done and this is only possible when every country takes serious action against these cases. The violence against women and girls needed to end immediately.

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