UN Relief Chief’s statement on Ethiopia

Ethiopian Civilians on the Griffiths press release for conflicts & necessity for emergency relief in their country
Ethiopian Civilians, emergency state declared

Geneva, 23 October 2021 (TDI): The Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths reaffirmed the commitment of the UN, and NGOs to assistance to Tigray.

Griffiths stated that the UN and the NGOs are trying to continue to provide assistance in Tigray, Amhara, and Afar. Griffiths also reiterated their concern for civilians. He also made a call to the parties to respect international humanitarian law.

The note mentions that a flight in Ethiopia destined for Mekelle, in Tigray, returned to Addis Ababa. This was due to airstrikes in Mekelle. This incident raised the concern for the safety of humanitarian staff, and civilians in need.

Griffiths also stated that conflicts obstruct the efforts of the UN, and the NGOs to continue their efforts; to provide emergency relief. Griffiths also expressed the concern of the organization. This concern is due to the fact that the UN didn’t receive warnings prior to the attack; on Mekelle.


It was a concern because they received the clearances for the flight, that flight was forced to return. Then Griffiths reiterated the concern for civilians. Due to the airstrikes in Mekelle, humanitarian assistance in the region remains to be insufficient.

He then expressed another concern, regarding the negative impact of fighting in Amhara, and Afar. The impact of these fights worsens the toll on civilians. Griffiths added that precautions must be taken to protect civilians. He also stressed the need for the parties involved in the conflict to spare civilians; and their objects from harm. It also needs to include the humanitarian personnel and assets.

According to International Amnesty, the conflicts started on 4 November 2020. Since then the conflict caused thousands of civilian deaths. Also, it has caused that 63,000 people to seek asylum in Sudan. International Amnesty and other organizations; are constantly reporting serious violations of human rights.

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