New Jersey, 25 May 2022 (TDI): Today’s college graduates can become the generation to succeed “where my generation has failed, ” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres. He was addressing the commencement ceremony at Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

While referring to the industries that continue to depend on fossil fuels to meet their energy demand, Guterres urged the class of 2022 not to work for “climate wreckers.”

He underscored the need for the young generation to achieve sustainable development goals in order to eradicate extreme poverty, hunger, and inequalities in the world. He also emphasized the development of new technology to end diseases and people’s suffering.

He stressed replacing hatred and division with reason, civil discourse, and peaceful dialogues to bridge the gap of trust among people.

Antonio Guterres also urged the young generation to recognize their true potential, inherent dignity, and human rights to balance the scales of power for a woman and girls to achieve a better future for everyone.

He appreciated the graduates who battled the impediments of the COVID-19 pandemic and graduated successfully and stressed unbecoming a generation who addresses the planetary emergency of climate change.

Abandoning fossil fuel utilization

The Secretary-General said that investing in fossil fuels is economically and environmentally ‘a dead end’. Hence, no amount of greenwashing or spin change alters that. So, a notice must be put on them.

Accountability is coming for those who liquidate our future, he added. Guterres emphasized careful career path selection and transmitted a clear message to avoid working for climate wreckers.

Also, he urged the youth to utilize their talent to drive humanity towards a renewable future. The UN Chief said it was time for them to take action and choose careers wisely, thanks to the benefit of their higher education.

He told the graduates that they now had a ‘priceless opportunity to give back’ and enlist themselves as servant leaders, which are needed.

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