New York, 25 May 2022 (TDI): Africa is home to hope. Today’s dynamic continent and the world are celebrating this continent’s enormous promise and potential. The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, delivered these remarks on Africa Day.

Citing the growing and vibrant youth population of the continent, Guterres said that the initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area, the Decade of Women’s Financial and Economic Inclusion, and the African Union’s (AU) bold Agenda 2063 set of game-changing proposals, have ensured that the “prospects on the horizon are bright.”

He highlighted various socio-economic challenges preventing the region from reaching its full potential. Also, he listed climate change, unresolved internal conflicts, severe food shortage, and the recent pandemic as significant obstacles to the economic growth in different parts of Africa.

Impact of Ukraine War on Africa

Guterres remarked that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had exacerbated challenges in Africa by creating a ‘perfect storm’ in developing countries.

The crisis has substantially increased food, fuel, energy, and fertilizer prices, with devastating impacts on food and nutritional systems. Currently, the continent is struggling with mobilizing the financial resources needed to invest in its people.

Africa Day

Africa Day is celebrated to mark the foundation of the Organization of African Unity (AU) IN 1963. Since then, humanitarians worldwide celebrate this day annually to reflect on the continent’s current geopolitical, socioeconomic, and other challenges and achievements.

The UN has played a significant role in promulgating the fundamental values of the Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR).

Accordingly, the UN has always supported AU in achieving social and economic growth, development, peace, security, and regional integration. Therefore, AU has designated 2022 as the year of nutrition.

The UN Secretary-General has urged the global community to join together in solidarity with all African countries, strengthen food security, and put nutrition within reach of every person.

Guterres pledged the organization’s continued support in standing proudly with Africa to deliver on the promotion of a prosperous and peaceful Africa.

Additionally, he underscored the intensification of our efforts to end the pandemic, reform the global financial system, stop climate change, and silence the guns across all conflicts.

President of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, also addressed different global challenges and their aftermath in Africa.

He emphasized taking reinforced actions to strengthen resilience in nutrition and food security to overcome the effects of the global changes and lay the foundation for stronger communities. He was addressing the General Assembly on Africa Day today.

“African women are an integral part of the solution, especially as glass ceilings are shattered and gender barriers are broken.

He added that they are poised to play a more significant role in driving sustainable agricultural practices and development and achieving the African Union’s vision of Agenda 2063.

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