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UN blacklists Israel over child rights violations


Ramallah, 9 June 2024 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine welcomed the UN’s move to blacklist Israel over children’s rights violations on 8th June 2024. While viewing it as a positive move, the Ministry said that the world must hold the occupation accountable for its crimes against Palestinians.

Israel has been allowed to keep on perpetrating ever-increasing crimes against the Palestinian people, the Ministry expressed with disappointment. This includes the deliberate and frequent targeting of children due to the impunity it has enjoyed over the years.

However, remaining hopeful the Ministry stated that it is now necessary for the world to unite and safeguard Palestine’s children. This is required to prevent the occupation forces from purposefully targeting Palestinians.

Furthermore, it emphasized how important it is to speak up in favor of international justice and democratic norms. Ending the reprehensible practice of applying biased rules of international law is part of justice. It remains imperative to terminate the atrocities committed by the invading force.

The Ministry called on all nations to take accountability and evaluate their relationship with the Israeli occupation force. It also called on the world community to pressure Israel to cease its acts of aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Statement of Palestinian Envoy to UN

“This will not bring back tens of thousands of our children who were killed by Israel over decades and will not restore normal life for the children who were permanently disabled by its actions,” Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian envoy to the UN said in regard to the decision to blacklist Israel.

Adding on, he remarked, “However, it is an important step in the right direction towards ending the double standards and the culture of impunity Israel has enjoyed for far too long and that left our children vulnerable to its consequences.”

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Subsequently, the Palestinians will achieve their right of independence and self-determination. Moreover, this will create their sovereign state with East Jerusalem serving as its capital.


Summaiya Malik
Summaiya Malik
The author holds an MPhil degree in International Relations from National Defence University, Islamabad. She writes for South Asian Voices, CISS Insight and Hilal English.E-mail: summaiyamalik.sm@gmail.com

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