New York, 26 April 2022 (TDI): 15.7 million out of 44 million population in Ukraine are dependent on humanitarian aid due to war. The Russia Ukraine conflict has resulted in a massive displacement crisis since World War ll.

It has uprooted 13 million people from their homeland. Humanitarians have appealed for $2.25 billion for Ukraine’s Response plan to ensure the provision of assistance and protection to nearly 90 million people, the UN announced earlier.


The updated appeal for funds targets 8.7 million women. The UN has announced this revised plan ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s meeting with the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

Outcomes of War in Ukraine

More than 7 million people are internally displaced, while 5.2 million people have migrated to neighboring countries. Critical social services and the healthcare system have been completely damaged due to the destruction of infrastructure in the country’s urban centers.

The UN Office in Ukraine reported 136 attacks on healthcare workers and facilities in the past 60 days of the war. Two months on, needs have continued to rise.

In contrast, the humanitarian response has expanded significantly in scale and scope– enabled by the rapid funding allocated against the initial Flash Appeal– prompting a revision and extension of the Ukraine Flash Appeal until August 2022.

The humanitarian aid activities are organized into five main categories, including delivering aid in the hardest-hit areas. UN-led convoys have also delivered support on occasions and plan to provide more in the future.

Humanitarians also aid in scaling up cash transfers for the displaced people who are constantly rising due to prolonged war. The total number has reached 18500 to 263000 in the last three weeks.

The revised appeal for funding is centered around people’s gender equality and protection for vulnerable people to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse.

The UN Secretary-General will have a working meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and will be received by President Vladimir Putin today.

He will have a working meeting with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister,  Dmytro Kuleba as well, and will be received by the country’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.