London/Washington DC, 25 July 2022 (TDI): The United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) have partnered to preserve the freedom for all to work responsibly in space.

Both stakeholders will therefore collaborate for the mutual benefit of each other in space. This would allow the team to build stronger relationships between UK Space Command and US Space Command to work efficiently.

UK-US Space deal

The United Kingdom is the closest ally of the US. For centuries, the two countries have worked together on security initiatives involving space.

Due to tensions that satellites and spacecraft are turning into military targets, a stronger defensive stance is required to prevent threats.

Therefore, the space officials of the US and the UK are discussing the following steps to strengthen the partnership.

In April, the commanders of US and UK Space Command signed the Enhanced Space Cooperation (ESC) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Hence, according to US Brigadier General, Devin Pepper, the collaboration between the two countries in space entered a new phase.


The ESC MoU is a binding framework for in-depth cooperation by the military within the space domain. Furthermore, it is a platform where more data is exchanged, the space requirements of the military are harmonized, and joint activities are analyzed.

Moreover, in order to deepen the collaboration between US and UK Space operations, the MOU seeks to further deepen collaboration.

Additionally, in 2019, to manage military operations in the domain of space, the Pentagon revised the US Space Command as a combatant command. Nevertheless, in April 2021, the UK established UK Space Command.

Most importantly, Pepper stated that the enhanced MOU with the UK has the potential to serve as a model to enhance US-UK partnerships with other nations.

British Army officer, Paul Tedman also said that the MOU permits them the freedom to identify areas of mutual interest. Thus, to “cohere and converge” their efforts.