Islamabad, 27 August 2022 (TDI): The UAE Embassy in Islamabad and the UAE Consulate General in Karachi are working round the clock to provide immediate assistance to people affected by floods and torrential rains in various provinces of Pakistan.

The field teams of Emirates Red Crescent and Khalifa Bin Zayed Humanitarian Foundation are also providing assistance to Pakistan.

Floods in Pakistan have affected millions of people since June this year. The Government of Pakistan has declared the floods a ‘national emergency’ as more than 1000 people died due to it.

Moreover, World organizations and countries are providing assistance to Pakistan to tackle the dire humanitarian crisis and devastation caused by the floods.

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UAE-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations

Pakistan is one of the first countries that established diplomatic relations with the Emirates in 1971. The bilateral relations of both states are based on common foundations of history, religion, and culture.

There is close cooperation between the two countries in all fields, especially the economy and trade. Over time, financial assistance has been provided by the Emirates to Pakistan.

The assistance has been effective in addressing the economic crises and budget deficit problems in Pakistan.

The rulers of UAE have been kind enough to extend their technical and financial expertise and services to Pakistan to help surmount obstacles hampering development in various social and humanitarian fields.

UAE also extends humanitarian assistance in times of natural disaster by providing shelter, food, and healthcare to the displaced population. Relief assistance has been provided by the UAE to flood victims over the past decades.

In addition, various development projects that include the sectors of education, health, and infrastructure have been set up by the Emirates in different regions of Pakistan.

Moreover, supporting brotherly and friendly countries in critical times is one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates.