Izmir, 30 September 2023 (TDI): The President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan addressed at the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival in İzmir on September 29.

The Turkish President centered his speech on appraising the initiative of the TEKNOFEST Festival, encouraging people to visit the Festival in Izmir, followed by highlighting the efforts by the Turkish government in science, technology, AI, and innovation.

In speaking about the Fest, the President said, “We seek to introduce our Republic’s century-old history to our youth through activities spanning a large spectrum. TEKNOFEST is one of such activities. We work to enable as many youths as possible to relish the enthusiasm and the magnificent atmosphere of TEKNOFEST.”

The President added that to expand the vision of the Fest, the Turkish government organized TEKNOFEST in three provinces instead of a single province where 2 million 247 thousand visitors attended the Fest while 943 thousand visitors, mostly young people attended the Fest in Ankara.

President Erdoğan also stated, “Like all our other provinces, our young people from Izmir show great interest in TEKNOFEST. We are pleased to see that people from all age groups and walks of life come to Çiğli Air Base and witness this display of pride.”

Besides that, in his address, he admired the perseverance of the TEKNOFEST youth specifically those who turned impossible goals into reality despite all the obstacles, and encouraged them to continue to contribute their effort in this regard.

In highlighting the scientific and technological splendors of Turkey at the TEKNOFEST, the President delineated that the production of the Togg automobile, the first domestic electric vehicle, continues to increase.

President Erdoğan continued: “During our visit to the United States last week, we invited Tesla to invest in our country, saying ‘competition is good’.

He also explicated that Turkey is rapidly completing the tests on Red Apple, which will have a multiplier effect on Turkey’s air force. Also, Turkey is breaking new ground in this field with the addition of Kızılelma to the inventory.

Moreover, he stated that Turkey has introduced its fifth-generation national combat aircraft, named KAAN for which the production processes are being carried step by step.

Additionally, he elaborated that Turkey has reinforced its dominance in armed unmanned aerial vehicles with Akıncı TİHA and Aksungur SİHAs. Apart from these, 850 different projects that are critical in the field of defense industry have been meticulously implemented.

“Stating that TCG Anadolu, the first UAV ship in the world, proudly flies the Turkish flag in the seas,” President Erdoğan added.

He further delineated, “We published our national artificial intelligence strategy in 2021. In line with our Digital Turkey vision, we are disseminating digital technology tools in public services, also 7 thousand 300 services are offered in our Electronic Government application.”

He also elaborated that currently, approximately 64 million people use the e-Government portal which is exemplary in Europe in terms of its effectiveness and prevalence, as well as the services offered.

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“Most of the work that can be done by queuing even in the so-called developed countries of the world can be done in seconds by using the Electronic State Gate from their phone or computer.”, President Erdoğan added.

Apart from that, he explained that Turkey’s defense industry has transformed tremendously, with an increased number of research centers, development centers, design centers, and technoparks.

In speaking particularly about Izmir, President Erdoğan stated that four technoparks have been initiated in Izmir and around 225 billion liras public investments have been made in Izmir in

President Erdoğan added, “We established a total of 100 Deneyap Technology Workshops in 81 provinces to increase awareness of technology throughout our country.”

In summation, President Erdoğan emphasized that Turkey continues to contribute in the field of innovation, artificial intelligence, and robotic technologies with utmost determination.

The President of Turkey concluded by stating to stand united with people in transforming the investment and service policy for Izmir to introduce real municipalism to Izmir.