Lome, 4 July 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Togo, Robert Dussey, met with the Director General of the Turkish Foreign Ministry of West and Central Africa and Ambassador, Nur Sagman, for political and economic consultations.

Thus, the turkish delegation was in attendance as the two countries forged closer ties. The Turkish foreign minister underscored that Turkiye-African partnerships are a win-win model.

Earlier this week, Togo and China also discussed prospects of enhanced economic cooperation.

Turkiye-African Model

In light of this, the Turkish ambassador highlighted that Turkiye-African relations are multidimensional. She noted that the relationships are based on reciprocity, equality, and collaboration.

In addition, she noted that the Turkiye-African trade volume amounted to $24 billion in 2021, but the goal is to reach $50 billion.

According to the model, the trade volume between the two countries presents itself as a “win-win” situation.

Furthermore, the official stated that many European Union (EU) countries have been curious about Turkiye’s African model and its success.

According to the envoy, Turkish delegations have also given consultations to France and Portugal, two important EU players, and imparted insight into the Turkiye-Africa Model.

Togo-Turkiye ties

Togo and Turkiye enjoy great bilateral ties. Although diplomatic relations go back as far as 1992, relations between the two countries were boosted after 2002.

As a result, there have been regular high-level meetings between the two countries in official forums such as the AU, OIC, and the UN. They also exchanged diplomatic cables and ambassadors.

Moreover, Turkiye-Togo relations also benefit from the deep cultural and people-to-people contact. This has enabled the two countries to foster cooperation in the regional forums and through national frameworks.