Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned after three decades of ruling one of the largest and fast-growing economies in the Central Asian region. This was a peaceful political transition with a new President taking the oath with the continuation of nation and state-building in the country. President Nazarbayev was the longest-serving political leader of a remarkable country.

He has served his country with the vision and wisdom apart from bringing home billions of dollars of investment from foreign companies to explore the riches that God has bestowed on this resource-rich country.

President Nazarbayev laid the foundation of modern Kazakhstan after the independence from Soviet rule. President has also introduced several reforms with modernity in all spheres of life in the country especially focusing on the economy, education, and other relevant fields.

As a result, Kazakhstan became one of the leading nations in the region resulting in the group of 50 most competitive countries in the world.It says ‘height by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight; for they while their companion slept; were toiling upward in the night” and goes well for the leader of the Nation  Nursultan Nazarbayev for creating an exuberant pathway for the people of Republic of Kazakhstan to foster forward their dream of becoming one of the greatest nations of the world.

As the visionary leader like President Nazarbayev has outlined the vision for the future of Kazakhstan and gave the visionary reforms.  These policies have set pathways for people of the land to reach their destiny of peace, development, and prosperity. These strategies also helped Kazak nation to achieve these goals and took pragmatic approach in unfolding each and every segment of social, economic, strategic, and cultural aspects while also providing ways to handle challenges at domestic, regional, and international levels.

The country has since independence strived forward for a market economy and democracy as well as would maintain its role as a visionary regional and global leader. President Nazarbayev was ranked as one of the top five great leaders of the world whose contribution made their country to the highest level of development.

This study was conducted by a “post-crisis world” foundation comprising more than 300 experts from 63 countries. The vision with which President Nazarbayev has proposed for Kazakhstan as the leading country for the future is a beyond imagination concept and equally practical too. President Nazarbayev’s farsightedness and ability to look ahead was the strength that gave him immense popularity within and outside Kazakhstan.

His commitment to the country is also a reflection of the fact that how well he has maintained the pace of development with the fresh ideas that are innovative and of breakthrough characters, even admired by both critics and analysts.

For his outstanding contribution, President Nazarbayev was given the title leader of the Nation apart from the life-long right to present initiatives on state-building, domestic and foreign policy, and security policy. The new acting president  Tokayev is a career diplomat with fluency in various languages and has served as Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister and later as Prime Minister of the country.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has the creative potential to demonstrate his leadership, strategic vision, charisma, and feeling of doing something for his nation and country. With futuristic road maps, President Nazarbayev has not only led but also engaged his population to work for the development.

He has also aspired his countrymen to follow the path of innovation and with eyes at the future remains optimistic about fulfilling his dreams. He has also demonstrated that he has the vision to not only visualize any development plan but also can execute with his government the goals that were being set by the visionary leader himself for the country.

Kazakhstan as one of the leading nations of the world in the future is based on the fact that a great countryman like President Nursultan Nazarbayev has remained as the head of the country.

With the transition in the leadership, Kazakhstan will continue to enter into a new stage of development with new technologies, new ideas, and approaches of innovative development, and increased competitiveness based on modernization of socio-economic base, and this all is because of the visionary leadership of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Kazakhstan will be holding its next presidential and parliamentary elections in the next year.


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