Dushanbe, 29 November 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, Sirojiddin Muhriddin received the Ambassador of the United States of America (US), John Mark Pommersheim for the completion of his diplomatic mission in the country.

The Ambassador has been on a diplomatic mission in the country to forge stronger ties between the two countries and is set to move back to his host country, the United States of America.

During the meeting, they discussed the state of diplomatic relations between Tajikistan and the United State of America. They focused more on the economic, political, cultural, and scientific relations between them.

The government of Tajikistan has been a major economic trade partner with the United States to promote further trade terms and strengthen their economic sectors. Tajikistan has also further assured Ambassador Mark of their commitment to their trade terms.

Also, during the meeting, they also discussed the cultural relations both countries enjoy. The cultural relationship between the US and Tajikistan has grown stronger. They have each been on common grounds and have respected each other’s culture for all these years.

The need for a stable democracy and peaceful political atmosphere was also another major concern for both countries. They discussed how to maintain the peaceful co-existence members of the countries enjoy.

A stable democracy will seek to bring development to the people and their relationships will also strengthen as was said in the meeting.

Tajikistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked the US Ambassador for his contribution to strengthening friendly relations between the two sides.

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In addition to the above, he further ensured the government of the US their commitment to promoting long-lasting relations with them. The US and Tajikistan have been great allies and partners.