Islamabad, 26 May 2022 (TDI): Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), the Islamic Development Bank( IsDB), in collaboration with United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), will launch the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy in Pakistan.

The aim of the program is to reduce the gaps and challenges between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Access to finance is a critical challenge for the CSOs and NGOs in implementing development processes.

The lack of information on available projects, inadequate information on funding mechanisms, and access to potential donors are primary hurdles to addressing developmental challenges. It is necessary to enhance public participation in this project.

The program will be virtually run in partnership with leadership Academy and Cirrus Pakistan. This online training program aims to enhance the capacity of CSOs for fundraising by using digital crowdfunding platforms.

The mission of the program is to provide visibility to CSOs’ projects and activities while ensuring continued support to access alternate finance. It also helps them in networking with potential supporters and partners.

Webinar on Crowdfunding in Pakistan 

Earlier, UNDP Pakistan and their local implementation partner Cirrus conducted a webinar on ‘How to Crowdfund your CSO in Pakistan’ in May 2022.

Assistant Resident Representative and Chief Development Policy Unit at UNDP Pakistan, Ammara Durrani, talked about digital transformation in the present era.

She discussed How the fourth and fifth Industrial Revolutions had transformed the way one lives, learns, works, and stays connected for better opportunities. She stressed on leveraging the transformations to magnify and enhance the impact of work.

While highlighting the details of the digital strategy of 2022-2025, Durrani stated that this strategy opens opportunities to enhance digital connectivity and transformation, crowdfunding, and alternate financing systems.

The CSOs selected for training will get a chance to launch their crowdfunding campaign using available tools. The training has been designed to ensure active participation and engagement of the modules by covering critical aspects of developing and promoting a crowdfunding project.

The movement will also use interactive videos and visuals during various steps of campaigning, financial goal setting, and delivering project details will be covered during this process.

The program aims to leverage national and global experts in crowdfunding, media and public relations, social media copywriting, design, and other related fields.

“The civil society in Pakistan has been playing a significant role in Pakistan’s development progress for several decades. Being the local implementing partner for Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is our chance to give back to these changemakers.

We look forward to this opportunity of learning and growing with the CSOs in Pakistan as we work on rolling out their crowdfunding campaigns at a mass level.

” Ayesha J. Shahid, Chief Strategy Officer, Cirrus stated.

Project ideas can be submitted to the Academy until 30 May 2022 by signing up on the Tadamon platform. For more information, you can visit the website.