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Survey reveals 59% of Japanese eager to visit Pakistan


Islamabad, 28 November 2023 (TDI): A recent survey conducted by the Pakistan embassy in Japan has unveiled that 59% of Japanese citizens showed interest in visiting Pakistan.

The survey, which engaged 527 participants through social media platforms, revealed that 59% of Japanese individuals expressed a strong intent to visit Pakistan, positioning the country as a preferred tourist destination among this demographic.

According to the embassy’s statement issued from Tokyo, the survey aimed to gauge perceptions and attitudes toward visiting Pakistan among Japanese citizens.

Notably, 20% of the respondents mentioned that they had already visited Pakistan, highlighting a growing segment of Japanese travelers who have explored the country.

“The statistics defy stereotypes and underscore the untapped potential of Pakistan as a tourist destination,” stated the embassy, emphasizing the significance of this revelation.

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The survey findings pointed to Pakistan’s latent market for tourism, indicating a valuable opportunity to attract a larger influx of Japanese tourists.

However, the survey also identified a cohort of 21% expressing apprehensions primarily related to security concerns, posing a hurdle in their plans to visit Pakistan.

Recognizing the need for targeted efforts, the embassy highlighted the importance of promoting Pakistan’s diverse tourism offerings to allay concerns and attract Japanese tourists.

Strategic initiatives aimed at addressing security perceptions and showcasing the country’s rich cultural and natural heritage were emphasized to tap into this burgeoning interest.

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