Istanbul, 14 December 2021 (TDI): Turkey hosted the Stratcom Summit 2021 in Istanbul this week.

Experts at the respective international gathering discussed issues, policies, trends and challenges faced as part of strategic communication.

Strategy experienced through practice as well as effective strategic communications also necessitates understanding the connection between academics and practitioners. The 2-day international strategic communications event ended on Sunday.

Gokhan Yucel, head of the Strategic Communication Department at Directorate of Communications of Turkey, stated that participants included 22 panels with 118 speakers from across the globe.

Turkish Communications Director Fahrettin Altun highlighted that the summit hosted experienced media and communications professionals as well as new media pioneers.

Altun stressed that new information and media technologies have also comparatively resulted more in negative features rather than positive ones. He further added that highlighting regulation with legal as well as functional frameworks has not received particular attention at the global level despite manifold attempts.

Altun warns of ‘information wars’

Altun also highlighted that social control and political censorship have increased threats to democratic systems across the world. He warned regarding the prevalence of sponsored cyber armies will lead to both, ‘cyber anarchy and information wars’.

The Turkish Strategic Communications Director reiterated the Turkish President’s principle of a fairer world through the closure of the inequality gap in the cyber world connecting countries and states.

Officials hailing from various countries, involved in directing and leading respective country’s communication strategies also shared their experiences. This included Singapore, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, Chile, Kosovo, and Nigeria.



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