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Senior diplomats of US, Japan and South Korea hold trilateral talk


 Washington, 1 June 2024( TDI): Senior diplomats of the US, Japan, and South Korea convened a trilateral dialogue, aimed at strongly condemning the launch of satellite and ballistic missiles by North Korea and opposed any unilateral change in the status quo of the South China Sea, a statement revealed by the State Department.

The US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell hosted Japan’s Vice Foreign Minister Masataka Okano, and Korea’s Vice Minister Kim Hong Kyun at his farmhouse in little Washington on Friday, according to the US officials.


The trilateral dialogue, which is the outcome of the 2023 Camp David Summit, ensures cooperation on economic, security, critical and emerging technologies, and global challenges.

The senior diplomats of the US, Japan, and ROK committed to addressing regional and global challenges such as the aggression of the Democratic Republic of Korea, Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Taiwan Strait issue, unilateral change in the status quo of South China Sea, and Palestine-Israel conflict.

The latest dialogue was also held due to the launching of North Korean ballistic missiles toward the Eastern Sea, according to South Korean officials.

The launch mostly follows unsuccessful attempts of the North Korean military to launch a spy balloon in the territory of South Korea, according to ROK officials.

The senior diplomats expressed concern about the increasing action of North Korea with Russia, particularly the selling of arms equipment to Russia which filled the Ukraine War.

They also vowed that there may be the chances of imposition of sanctions on DPRK if it doesn’t reconsider its relations, according to the US Deputy Secretary Spokesperson.

During the trilateral dialogue, three allies endorsed that very soon they will create a permanent Secretariat to enhance engagement and align policies to counter regional and global challenges.

Japan Vice Foreign Minister Masataka Okano said “We have more shared interests, and we have more shared agendas. So, if we work together, we can produce more relevant and efficient ways.”

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North Korea’s Vice Minister Kim Hong Kyun said while commenting on the launching of ballistic missiles and spy balloons, “These actions will only solidify our resolve to strengthen security cooperation.”

Moreover, he said, “All of us know North Korea continues to violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions and threaten the region with its nuclear and missile program.”

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