Dakar, 14 July 2023 (TDI): A delegation from Senegal met with the Pakistani Ambassador, Saima Maymunah Sayed to explore strengthening bilateral ties in agriculture, education, and technology.

The delegation was led by Aliou Sall, Administrator General of Université Africaine des Sciences et Technologies (UAST), a leading higher education institution in West Africa.

During the meeting, Sall expressed a strong interest in building trade links between the two countries. Specifically, he emphasized the importance of encouraging collaborations in agriculture, education, and science & technology.

Ambassador Saima Sayed conveyed great enthusiasm for the upcoming Food and Agriculture Expo in Karachi. She emphasized that this influential trade fair would serve as a platform to showcase promising opportunities.

These opportunities would contribute to the expansion of agricultural exports and imports between Pakistan and Senegal.

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Agriculture is a crucial sector for both countries, playing a vital role in their economies. In Senegal, over 60% of the population works in agriculture, which accounts for around 17% of GDP. Similarly, in Pakistan, agriculture comprises around 24% of GDP and over 40% of employment.

The sector also generates vital foreign exchange through exports and underpins food security in both nations. Thus, partnerships in agricultural trade and development are strategically important for Pakistan and Senegal.

Beyond trade matters, Ambassador Saima Sayed also expressed her keen interest in developing connections between the Université Africaine des Sciences et Technologies and Pakistani universities.

She underscored the significance of education and academic cooperation. Moreover, she underlined the prospects for joint research, student exchanges and other collaborative initiatives between Senegalese and Pakistani higher education institutions.

The proposed academic partnership strives to link students from Pakistan and Senegal. It would allow them to gain from diverse viewpoints and cross-cultural experiences. The exchange programs and joint research projects would help build global citizenship. They would also enrich educational opportunities for students in both countries.

Pakistan and Senegal are determined to establish partnerships in academia and agribusiness to drive sustainable development and mutually beneficial outcomes.