Kyiv 2 July 2022 (TDI): Save the Children reported on Friday that 21 children have been injured and killed in just a week as a result of the crisis in Ukraine.

This is an increase in the violence against children in Ukraine.

Save the Children argues that children are suffering the most as a consequence of the ongoing war. There is a serious need to stop the war on children as no child should suffer from any harm.

Since 2014, Save the Children has been providing families and children with humanitarian relief in Ukraine. It is on the frontline supplying households impacted by the violence with basic home supply kits and all physiological support.

Challenges faced by children in Ukraine Crisis

The injuries and deaths that children in Ukraine are facing are devastating. 16 children are injured and 4 children died within days.

The tragedy of the attacks on the civilians also increased in the Ukraine crisis. In southern Ukraine, a missile attack on an Odesa resort and apartment block killed 18 people. Children were also included in them.

The explosion of weapons has had a terrible effect on children. Robbing households of their dreams also impacts a child’s life direction and change it drastically. The children may suffer for years because of the devastating incidences and injuries.

Children who do not face any injury suffered from the loss of their beloved ones including their parents and friends. The mental health of the children is affected by these incidences.

Due to the increasing prevalence and unpredictability of the war, young people and children are struggling with their psychological health issues.

500 children were injured and 300 killed before this week, from 24 February 2022 due to violence. And there is even a possibility that these figures are understated as the conflict escalated.

Pete Walsh, the country director for Save the Children Ukraine, said:

“Attacks on residential buildings, particularly those with children sleeping inside, are wholly unacceptable. This battle is becoming out of hand instead of showing any signs of slowing down.”

“Save the children calls for the respect of international humanitarian law to condemn the attacks on a civilian by Russia and to secure the civilian infrastructure and the lives of the natives.”