Kyiv 4 July 2022 (TDI): Save the Children is providing support to the affected people in the Ukraine crisis. It is delivering essential supplies to the severely damaged Eastern Ukraine.

Save the Children coordinated with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Ukraine. The first intergovernmental convoy with OCHA-Ukraine was prepared at the Dnipro warehouse in Ukraine.

The convoy will provide food to 55,000 people suffering.

Miya Tajima’s report on the Dnipro warehouse

Miya Tajima is the Regional Head of Advocacy, Refugee Response, Communications & Media for Save the Children. She visited the Dnipro warehouse on July 3, 2022, and prepared a report that said, “A convoy will be taken in the coming days in the Dnipro warehouse. Save the Children will provide food through that convoy to the heavily affected areas in eastern Ukraine. We have beans, pasta, salts, and other vital supplies for more than 55,000 people.”

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Both the domestic and international labor markets are experiencing disruptions in Ukraine. Russian war against Ukraine brought a humanitarian crisis to the region.

According to a recent International Labour Organization (ILO) brief, there has been a loss of approximately 4.8 million jobs in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian war.

The Russian invasion has had a significant impact on the Ukrainian economy. More than 5.23 million refugees have fled to surrounding nations since it started on 24 February. The majority of the refugees are women and children.

Yet the trollies carrying food continue to run on schedule, and couples stroll along the riverside of the city. War has changed Dnipro’s city. Almost every day, air raid alarms in the city.

Additionally, sandbags, electric fences, and three troops are now blocking off the roadway beneath the major Dnieper Bridge. 1 million people who lived in Dnipro before the conflict have multiplied countless times as Ukrainians have sought refuge here.