Riyadh, 12 October 2023 (TDI): Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received a phone call from Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, during which they discussed the ongoing military escalation in Gaza and its surrounding areas.

The phone call, which took place on October 12, 2023, addressed the pressing situation in the region.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reaffirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is actively engaging with international and regional parties to bring about an end to the ongoing escalation.

He emphasized the Kingdom’s unequivocal rejection of the targeting of civilians and the loss of innocent lives.

The Crown Prince highlighted the importance of adhering to the principles of international humanitarian law, underlining the grave concern about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and the severe impact on civilians.

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Moreover, he underscored the Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to the Palestinian cause and its unwavering support for endeavors aimed at achieving a comprehensive and just peace.

This commitment reflects Saudi Arabia’s dedication to upholding the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The discussion between Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Iran’s President comes at a critical juncture, as the situation in Gaza and its environs continues to escalate, raising international concerns.

Their conversation emphasizes the significance of diplomatic efforts to address the ongoing crisis and underscores the need to prioritize the well-being of civilians and respect international humanitarian law in the region.

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The international community closely watches for developments following this dialogue and hopes for a resolution that will alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and pave the way for a comprehensive and equitable peace that respects their rights and aspirations.