Riyadh, 13 September 2022 (TDI): The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Mexican States (Mexico) celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations.

Head of the Consular Section and Cultural Affairs, Mario Alberto Cuevas Rocha added that the two states had sustained closer cultural ties.

Ambassador of Mexico to KSA, Aníbal Gómez Toledo also commented on the 70 years-long partnership between the Mexican and Saudi governments.

Ambassador Toledo talked about the historic relations on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of ties.

The Foreign Ministry of Mexico also announced the celebration of 70 years of bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry stressed the sustaining of stronger ties with the Kingdom and raised the aspect of its importance.

Saudi Embassy Mexico urges stronger ties

The Royal Saudi Embassy in Mexico City also celebrated the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties. The relations were established on 12 September 1952 and the Saudi government declares the Mexican side as a potential partner.

The two sides agreed on further cooperation. Mexican and Saudi governments also recognized the decades-long friendly ties and stressed enhancing bilateral relations.

The Saudi Embassy also added that both sides are ready to welcome cooperation in every sector and high-level bilateral visits.

Bilateral relations

Saudi Arabia and Mexico are two potential trade partners and sustained an extensive economic relationship with each other. The economic diplomacy between the two sides determines this partnership.

The Saudi Kingdom exported products worth US$ 54.3 million including aluminum, gas turbines, and polymers in 2020. Mexico exported products of US$ 751 million to Saudi Arabia including medical instruments, delivery trucks, and car parts in 2020.

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The two sides also cooperated to jointly combat Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking by signing an agreement in 2017.

The Mexican government also supported the Saudi Kingdom in the case of Yemen. Mexico announced that violence against any sovereign country must be condemned while denouncing the terror attacks by the Yemeni rebels.