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Rwandan President chaired 10th Board meeting of Smart Africa


Kigali, 12 November 2021 (TDI): President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, chaired the 10th Board meeting of Smart Africa Organization. In the virtual meeting, thirty African Countries and partners participated.

The focus of the virtual meeting is working together to accelerate Africa’s socio-economic development through digital transformation. Additionally, President Kagame welcomed WestLink and Google for joining as the members of the Smart Africa initiative.

During the meeting, President Paul Kagame said, “The broad network of stakeholders involved in real Smart Africa is what gives the organization its vibrancy and value for our continent.”

Furthermore, President Paul Kagame commended the new blueprints of Burkina Faso, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. He said, “Prime example are the new blueprints being launched today by Burkina Faso on ICT skills, Ghana on E-payments, South Africa on Artificial Intelligence, and Zimbabwe on Agritech.”

Smart Africa is the initiative of African states to speed up sustainable socio-economic development in the African continent. It will turns Africa into a knowledge-based economy. It defines the digital agenda and drives the African continent into a single digital market.

Member countries work on Smart Africa through activities and a series of projects. Therefore, each member leads at least one project aligned with Smart Africa’s vision. Likewise, the project of Rwanda is on smart and sustainable cities.

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