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Russian Ambassador’s Key Reflections on 79th Victory Day


Moscow, 9 May 2024 (TDI): On the occasion of the 79th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russian Ambassador to Pakistan, Albert P. Khorev, highlighted key points reflecting the significance of this historic event and its relevance in today’s global context.

Ambassador Khorev emphasized that owing to our ancestor’s unparalleled feat of heroism, the Soviet Union succeeded in defending the country’s independence, broke the back of fascism, and defeated the “brown plague”, albeit at the cost of tremendous sacrifice and suffering.

Today’s celebration of Victory Day is marred by the fact that Nazism is once again rearing its ugly head, he added.

Ambassador Khorev raised concerns about the resurgence of aggression from descendants of Napoleon and Hitler, aided by Anglo-Saxon allies. He highlighted their efforts to instigate conflicts, utilizing the blatantly Nazi regime in Ukraine as a pawn cultivated over the years for their nefarious ends.

Reflecting on the legacy of previous generations, Ambassador Khorev reiterated Russia’s commitment to defending its interests. “We take up the mantle from our fathers and grandfathers in defending the interests of our country,” he said.

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Ambassador Khorev articulated Russia’s contemporary responsibility and mission to unite countries from the Global South and East, including Pakistan, who realize that Russia is fighting for them as well.

Furthermore, Ambassador Khorev expressed appreciation for the independent perspective of the Pakistani people and authorities amidst global pressures. He commended their steadfast stance on global developments, demonstrating resilience in the face of external influences.

President Putin attended the Victory Day parade to mark the 79th anniversary of victory in the Great patriotic war.

Moreover, the world leaders from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Guinea-Bissau & Laos were also present at the event.

During his speech in Red Square, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “Victory Day unites all generations, We are going forward relying on our centuries-old traditions and feel confident that together we will ensure a free and secure future of Russia.”

“In the West, they would like to forget the lessons of the Second World War,” Putin said.

Additionally, while addressing the world he said, “Russia honoured all the allies involved in the defeat of Nazi Germany. He commended the Chinese people’s fight against Japanese militarism.

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