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Russia Observes Holocaust Day


Moscow, 29 January 2022 (TDI): Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed on 27 January. UN has established the day in the context of the events of 1945 during WW II. To clarify, it reminds humanity about the worst ever genocide that happened in history. However, Russia will observe the day from January 17 till February 4th, 2022.

On 27 January 1945, Soviet soldiers took control of Auschwitz-Birkenau. It was the concentration camp where Jews victims were tortured to death. Consequently, the Red army is remembered for its bravery to liberate those victims.


In the same vein, January 27 is mourned in remembrance of over twenty million innocent victims. Among them, six million were Jews. Unfortunately, the Nazis killed those innocent people to exterminate the Jewish community.

Along these lines, events are also organized in Russia. For instance, the Federation of Jewish Communities holds a ceremony in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre. In addition, Congress Jewish Memory week began on January 17, 2022.

In other words, these events marked the historical truth about Nazi brutality. Perhaps, these events happened seventy-seven years ago but the memories still recall the innocent Jewish families. This also reminds the world of the role of Soviet Soldiers in liberating them.

During these events, Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry are also invited. Thereupon, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov has said that the Holocaust is one of the greatest crimes of humanity.

Distortion of History

Unfortunately, Nazism is glorified in some countries. Besides, many analysts try to distort or twist the chronicles of events in their favor. Resultantly, Russia opposes this approach. No ideology, interpretation, or philosophy can justify human brutality.

Most importantly, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stated that the world needs to protect good deeds. Indeed, Political posturing cannot resolve the problem.

UN Resolution to Condemn Holocaust Denial

Accordingly, UNGA emphasized member states condemn the Holocaust denial. It also asked developing educational initiatives to inform people about genocide. Moreover, UNGA drafted a resolution titled ‘Holocaust Denial’ at the 76th session. Germany and Israel jointly tabled this resolution. Furthermore, more than a hundred states co-sponsored this initiative.

Subsequently, the resolution got approval on January 20, 2022. Russia fully supported the resolution to defend the truth.

Effects of Holocaust on Russia

Unfortunately, it is not just the Jewish community that bore the brunt of the holocaust. Many Russian cities, where Jewish communities resided, witnessed political, social, and economic implications. According to researchers, those Russian cities still resist political reform and show conservative tendencies.

Above all, political scientists and economists of Harvard, MIT, and Chicago Booth presented this research data.

Social Implications

Thus, Holocaust is not about Jewish victims but Soviet people as well. The idea is much more than just historical events.

James A. Robinson, professor of Government at Harvard, stated that Holocaust erased educated families in western Russia.

Robinson, Daron Acemoglu, and Tarek A. Hassan further explained how the Holocaust impacted the Russian cities. According to them, the Jewish community was part of the Russian middle-class strata. Before World War II, Jewish Russians held sixty-seven percent of white-collar jobs. This may include high skilled jobs such as Physicians, traders, and educationists.

Political Implications

Similarly, researchers have also witnessed political implications. People of affected areas still glorify communism. In one way or other, they tend to support orthodox values.
Although, researchers tried to find the reasons behind the decline of the Jewish community. They also tried to analyze the subsequent social, political, and economic effects. And, this is not the final word on the topic.

Conclusively, Holocaust is the greatest tragedy in the history of civilization. Regrettably, this military conflict targeted Jews at the hands of Nazis. But, on the other side, some heroes hid Jews from Nazi Soldiers. Perhaps, this is also the tale of Soviet Soldiers and people who don’t only take part in uprisings only but also faced the subsequent social, political, and economic challenges.


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