Moscow, 6 October 2023 (TDI): Today marks a significant milestone as Russia & Guinea-Bissau commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations. This auspicious occasion symbolizes a steadfast bond between the two nations, fostering mutual respect & cooperation.

In the spirit of amicable relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia extended warm congratulations to our esteemed friends in Guinea-Bissau.

In this vein, it affirmed commitment to further enhancing bilateral cooperation and mutual collaboration for a prosperous future.

It is worth mentioning that ties between the two countries have flourished over five decades, transitioning into a robust partnership.

The exchange of cultural, economic, and political ties has deepened, fortifying mutual understanding and solidarity between the nations.

The journey of diplomatic collaboration commenced five decades ago, witnessing a steady progression in engagements and cooperation.

From modest beginnings, the relationship has evolved into a mutually beneficial alliance, enhancing trade, education, and cultural exchanges.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia commended the dedicated efforts of both nations in nurturing this diplomatic association.

The exchange of visits, diplomatic dialogues, and agreements has significantly contributed to strengthening the relationship and expanding the scope of collaboration.

Guinea-Bissau, a nation rich in history and culture, holds a special place in Russia’s international relations. The two countries have continually explored avenues for joint projects, striving to achieve common goals and address shared challenges.

Ties between the two have transitioned into a comprehensive partnership, encompassing various sectors, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

The exchange of expertise and experiences has furthered the development agenda of both nations. The 50th anniversary is a testament to the enduring friendship between Russia and Guinea-Bissau.

The duo have maintained open lines of communication and engaged in fruitful dialogues, fostering a bond of trust and cooperation.

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