Moscow, 11 January 2023 (TDI): The Government of Russia marks 67 years of diplomatic relations with their counterpart Liberia today 11th of January 2023.

A tweet by the Foreign Ministry of Russia congratulated the Liberian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the people of the African country on this anniversary, wishing them peace and well-being.

The diplomatic relations between Russia and Liberia began back in the 1950s and 1960s. They have continued to develop strong relations. It is worth noticing that the relations between Russia and most African countries are enhancing day by day.

Liberia and Russia have exhibited strong diplomatic relations looking at how far they have come with their relations.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin also expressed a strong desire to develop energy and trade partnerships with Liberia as the two seek to develop their economy.

Despite the challenges Russia is currently facing as a result of its war with Ukraine, it is working hard to ensure that they close gaps in its stale relations with most countries.

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Moreover, the former acting Foreign Minister of Liberia, Elias Shoniyin on behalf of Former President, Ellen Johnson elaborated that, Liberia will continue to stand by Russia at all times

He took the opportunity to renew solid diplomatic relations on the occasion of Russia’s 60 years of diplomatic relations with Liberia.

Today marks a historical day for both countries as they pursue renewed better partnerships and close associations. The incumbent President of Liberia, George Weah also underscored the strong relations between the two countries.

Both standby on the pledge to promote peace and development among themselves and their people. Also, the Foreign Ministries of both countries have continued to call for strong cultural relations among themselves.