Stockholm, 2 September 2023 (TDI): On Saturday, the Nobel Foundation announced a reversal of its earlier decision not to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to attend this year’s Nobel Prize awards ceremony in Stockholm, citing widespread criticism.

This decision comes following widespread criticism and strong reactions from both within Sweden and the international community.

Last year, the Nobel Foundation made headlines by excluding the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, a move that was widely supported by the global community.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the Foundation had recently declared its intention to extend invitations to these ambassadors, including Iran’s ambassador, to this year’s prize award ceremonies scheduled for December.

Their rationale was to include diplomatic representatives even if they did not necessarily align with the values associated with the Nobel Prize.

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This announcement, however, triggered an outcry, leading several Swedish political parties to declare their intentions to boycott the ceremonies in protest.

The Foundation has acknowledged and respected the strength of these reactions within Sweden, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining the integrity and values of the Nobel Prize.

In a statement released on Saturday, the Nobel Foundation clarified its position by saying, “We recognize the strong reactions in Sweden. We, therefore, choose to repeat last year’s exception to regular practice – that is, to not invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm.”

As per tradition, the Nobel Prize winners are scheduled to be announced in early October, with the award ceremonies for five of the six Nobel prizes taking place in Stockholm each year.

The nomination process for these awards is kept confidential for the following 50 years, ensuring the highest level of impartiality and objectivity. TheA Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, where separate festivities are held.