Moscow/Minsk, 25 June 2022 (TDI): Russia and Belarus are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic relations today. It’s been 30 years since the two countries established their diplomatic relations.

Both countries have 25 years of union through the charter of the union of Russia and Belarus. Presidents of both countries held a meeting in May.

The Russian President, during the talks, presented recommendations to address the steps to further create the Union State.

Russia-Belarus diplomatic relations

Their strategic partnership is founded on the geographic location, and close historic and cultural links between both countries and peoples.

In 1999, the heads of states signed the Agreement on Establishment of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. The agreement thus sets up a legal basis for integration between both countries.

In line with the agreement, both sides defined a series of major goals. These include ensuring peaceful and democratic development, establishing a single economic and customs area, and a proper legal framework.

In addition, there is sustainable economic development, the pursuit of the agreed foreign, defense, and social policies, ensuring security, and fighting against crime.

Most importantly, Belarus and Russia consider social and economic matters a priority. Through the development of their partnership, it is under the unquestioned principles of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the two nations, and due implementation of their international obligations.

Economic ties

Economically, Russia is a key trade partner and a major export market for Belarusian manufacturers. For instance, the mutual trade amounted to $40.1 billion in 2021, with exports to Russia reaching $16.4 billion and imports from Russia at $23.7 billion.

Notably, Russia accounts for 49% of the Belarusian foreign trade. Both countries likewise cooperate successfully in the area of energy and energy resources.

In fulfilling obligations of the transit of the Russian energy recourses to European countries, Belarus contributes in a significant manner to regional energy security.

With regards to cooperation in the framework of the Union State agreement, the two countries support the strengthening of multilateral cooperation. Also, they actively participate in other integration projects in the post-Soviet area.

The two countries consider the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) as the most advanced integration community in the post-Soviet area. Thus, it assists its Member States to create conditions required for the free flow of goods, services, and capital along with the movement of the labor force that is free from obstructions and equal conditions and guaranties for economic agents.

Considering the Programme of agreed measures in the field of foreign policy renewed every two years, both countries coordinate effectively their foreign policies.

Diplomatic achievements

Russia and Belarus have achieved significant results. Namely, in the field of security and defense, anti-terrorist activities, fight against crime, and signed a number of bilateral agreements in the field of military and technical cooperation.

In a similar manner, they have set up a joint regional military force. As a result, both countries coordinate their air defense systems. As well as perform joint military exercises considering various questions regarding operative and combat training.

Noteworthy, they continue building a unified crime database in the sphere of the fight against crime. Regarding the territories of both states, they take coordinated measures to prevent, reveal and suppress crimes, terrorist acts, and human trafficking.

Joint actions against drug trafficking and illegal migration are performed on their western border. Belarus and Russia also work toward launching a single system of social guarantees and gradually unifying national legislation concerning labor issues.

At the moment, the Belarusians and the Russians have equal opportunities including employment, choice of residence, education, healthcare, and social protection.

To enhance their cultural cooperation, a number of joint art, theatre, and cinema festivals are held by the countries annually.

In addition, joint programs in science, R&D, industry, construction, innovations, new technologies and IT create an effective mechanism that permits fast-track integration between the enterprises of Belarus and Russia.