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Roundtable between Pakistan and US INL


Islamabad, 1 December 2021(TDI): The International Narcotic Crimes, the Anti narcotic force of Pakistan, and the Coast Guards engaged in a roundtable on Handling Stateless and Unflagged vessels on drug trafficking and smuggling through the maritime domain.

The event was facilitated by  UNODC and was funded by the INL. In fact, the INL has a global-funded project named National Response against Drugs and Contraband Trafficking in the Maritime domain. But this specific fund is directed to Pakistan.

During the roundtable, the US department INL director Mark Tervakoski remarks that the history of collaboration between INL and Pakistan has a long story of success. For instance, the cooperation is to help improve Pakistan¡s regional cooperation to detect deter, disrupt drug and contraband trafficking.

All of the organizations there tackled the emerging challenges of illicit trafficking and smuggling and finished the session with a response. The response was to create a law enforcement procedure, precisely a group that will be in charge of dealing with the issues in the maritime domain.

International Narcotic Crimes (INL)

The INL is a US organization that works, on one hand, to keep Americans safe by countering crime, illegal drugs trafficking. On the other hand, it has partnerships with international organizations, non-governmental organizations, or local justices to address successfully the issues of drug trafficking and smuggling.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is the global organization that fights against illicit drugs, transnational organized crime, terrorism, and corruption. It was established globally in 1997 by the Secretary-general of the UN to address interrelated issues on drug control, crime, and international terrorism in all forms.

ANF was established on 21 February 1995 and is the principal agency for combating supply and demand illicit narcotics drugs that enter the borders of Pakistan.

In conclusion, in a world where everything is connected, the collaboration of the US department INL and Pakistan ANF is one that can serve positively the two sides.



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