By Abid Hussain

Academic resources play a crucial role in higher education Institutions & refer to all those materials and services that support the learning activities of students studying higher education institutions.

It includes tutoring and academic support, technology resources like computer software, online tools for learning and research, health and wellness services, students organizations, financial aids, and scholarships, mentoring and counseling services, but the role of libraries in the physical or online collection of books, journals, databases, and other resources for research and study are plays a tremendous role in the performance of students.

These resources are designed to help students achieve their academic goals and succeed in their professional and personal lives.

Libraries are the brains of society and true guarantors of knowledge seeking. It preserves human records in written texts, audio, video, and other formats that fulfill the user’s needs.

The main purpose of libraries is to provide students with access to information. Resources, and support their learning and research activities.

Some key roles of libraries include collection development, as the main objective of any library is to acquire, organized, and provide access to a wide range of information resources like books, journals, databases, and online resources to achieve the academic goals of students.

Libraries not only provide access to the huge collections of preserved records but also trains the users through instruction programs called information literacy.

It not only abreast users with recorded information but also encourage them to find the right information at the right time. It teaches them the true skills of research and the use of library resources.

Libraries also support the student in their study and research support activities. It provides spaces for individual or group study and offers resources for specialized databases and research material.

It also provides technical support to students like computers, printers, and multimedia equipment, it allows students to use technology and software for their research practices.

Libraries are attractive places for community buildings to serve as a hub for student activity and provide them opportunities to collaborate and engage themselves in learning beyond the classroom.

In short libraries are places of community buildings, networking, and socialization. Library also provides opportunities for tutoring, workshops, and access to specialized collections resources.

In other words, the library is a vital component of the academic resources in higher education institutions and plays a critical role in supporting students’ success.

Libraries offer a wide variety of services like books, journals, and online resources for the students it also offers computer labs, multimedia centers, access to high-speed internet, and discussion places where people discuss issues of their relevant subjects.

Many universities also offer free tutoring services, academic support, writing centers, peer mentoring, and counseling services. It also directs career services that offer job search assistance, resume buildings workshops, and networking opportunities.

Academic resources in Higher Education institutions are highly significant in the success of students as they provide support for learning, research, and personal development some key reasons for academic resources in libraries are mentioned below.

Enhancing student learning

Academic resources such as tutoring, writing centers, and technology resources provide students with the support they need to succeed academically and develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

Improving student outcomes

Research has shown that students who use academic resources, such as libraries and tutoring services, have higher grades, better attendance, and are more likely to persist and graduate.

Supporting student research

Libraries and other academic resources provide students with the information and resources they need to complete research projects and engage in an independent study.

Promoting student success

Career services, health and wellness services, and financial aid resources help students navigate the practical and personal challenges that can impact their success in college and beyond.

Building community

Student organizations and clubs, as well as events and programs offered by academic resources, bring students together to build relationships and create a supportive community that enhances the college experience.

The availability of high-quality academic resources is crucial for student success in higher education institutions. These resources provide students with the support they need to achieve their educational goals, grow as individuals, and prepare for successful careers.

Dr.S.R. Ranganathan, a library scientist has rightly said that “Libraries are not mere storehouses; they are rich springs from which knowledge flows out to irrigate the side field of education and culture.”

In short, the library is a vital component of the academic resources in higher education institutions and plays a critical role in supporting student success.

Its availability and accessibility are essential for students to gain the information, skills, and support they need to achieve their academic and personal goals.

*The writer is Deputy Director of Library Services at ISSI, a Think-Tank based in Islamabad

*The views presented by the author do not reflect the position of The Diplomatic Insight. Nor does The Diplomatic Insight bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the information cited.

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