Beijing, 17 October 2023 (TDI):Β In an exclusive interview with China Media Group, President Vladimir Putin discussed the enduring and robust relationship between Russia and China, highlighting their vital role in global stability.

President Putin also addressed the significant growth in trade, the Eurasian Economic Union’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative, and the pursuit of a multipolar world.

Moreover, he expressed a willingness to work towards a peaceful resolution in the ongoing Ukraine conflict, provided specific steps are taken.

President Putin began by commending President Xi Jinping’s leadership qualities, acknowledging his foresight and strategic thinking in global affairs.

He emphasized that the Russia-China relationship goes beyond short-term political opportunism, serving as a fundamental factor in global stability, and adapting to the changing international landscape.

Trade between the two nations has seen remarkable growth, with a 32 percent increase and expectations to reach a trade volume of $200 billion by year-end.

The collaboration of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union with the Belt and Road Initiative has resulted in securing $24 billion in investments, with the potential for further growth through mutually beneficial projects.

President Putin discussed his vision for a multipolar world, where all nations and individuals are equal and enjoy the same rights and freedoms while respecting each state’s sovereignty.

The interview also delved into the evolving multipolar world through the BRICS partnership, where the addition of six new members has shifted the balance in favor of BRICS countries, reflecting an objective process.

Addressing the Ukraine conflict, President Putin noted that hostilities did not start with Russia’s special military operation but date back to 2014.

He expressed his willingness to seek a peaceful resolution, provided that specific steps, including revoking the decree and expressing readiness for negotiations, are taken by the Ukrainian side.

President Putin’s interview with China Media Group provided valuable insights into the current state of Russia-China relations and their global significance, as well as efforts toward peace in the Ukraine conflict.