London, 9 September 2022 (TDI): Prince Charles has become the new King and Britain’s new Monarch after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, the United Kingdom will experience 10 days of country mourning for its longest-reigning monarch.

As the nation begins a time of national mourning, flags are already flying at half-mast. Moreover, politics are put on hold as tributes arrive from all across the world. The Queen’s state funeral will be observed with a public holiday and the Queen’s body will be put in Westminster Hall in London.

Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, who was born in 1948, will rule as the 42nd King of England. Charles will be the 13th head of state since the constitutional union of England and Scotland in 1707. Moreover, he is the oldest monarch in British history to ascend to the throne at the age of 73.

Charles Philip, the eldest of Queen Elizabeth’s four children, will be formally crowned king on Saturday in a ceremony in the Accession Council. The Council will include members of the Privy Council with some other civil servants, the Lord Mayor of London, and senior members of parliament and hereditary lords.

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Prince Charles as the new King

Prince Charles has long expressed to slim down the monarchy in order to save operating costs and make it more centred on the King and his immediate heirs.

Moreover, Charles spent time campaigning as the heir to the throne on a wide range of subjects such as the environment and architecture. In recent years, as King Charles prepared to ascend to the throne, he scaled back interventions and took a more impartial position on current affairs. These will be reflected in policies under his reign.