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Prime Minister Modi arrives in Moscow for meeting with Putin


Moscow, 8 July 2024 (TDI): – Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Moscow on Monday for a two-day visit aimed at reinforcing the longstanding relationship between India and Russia.

This visit, Modi’s first since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, underscores the complexities and evolving dynamics of bilateral ties amidst shifting geopolitical landscapes.

Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to dine with Russian President Vladimir Putin, followed by high-level talks at the Kremlin on Tuesday.

This visit marks Modi’s return to Russia after his 2019 attendance at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok and their subsequent meeting at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan in September 2022.

Russian-India Relations 

The historical partnership between India and Russia, rooted in the Cold War era, has taken on new significance as global events reshape alliances.

Since the onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022, India’s role as a crucial trading partner for Russia has intensified. Both China and India have emerged as major buyers of Russian oil, a strategic shift prompted by Western sanctions that have limited Russia’s access to many global markets.

Analysts note that India now sources over 40% of its oil imports from Russia.

Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, India has maintained a balanced stance, refraining from condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine while advocating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

This diplomatic approach reflects India’s broader strategy of engaging with global powers to ensure stability and secure its national interests.

This visit is expected to further solidify the economic and strategic partnership between India and Russia, fostering collaboration on various fronts amid a challenging international environment.

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