New York, 24 September 2022 (TDI): Csaba Kőrösi, President of 77th UNGA met Inger Anderson the Executive Director of UNEP. This meeting took place on the sidelines of UNGA in New York.

Csaba Kőrösi and Inger Anderson discussed the worldwide impacts of climate change. They also spoke about the loss of nature and pollution. Both look forward to a strong collaboration for the cause of this planet and its people.

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Worldwide impacts of climate change

Climate change is resulting in heat waves across the globe. Higher temperatures are causing heat-related illnesses and diseases. These hotter conditions catalyze wildfires and their faster spread.

Changes in temperature cause changes in rainfall. This results in more severe and frequent storms. They cause flooding and landslides, destroy homes and communities, and cost billions of dollars.

Flood in Pakistan is one of the many examples of climate change. The “monsoon on steroids” submerged one-third of the country and killed more than 1550 people.

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Where floods are drowning one region, droughts are killing another. While in one region, waterborne diseases are killing in Pakistan, African regions are suffering from malnutrition. Children are dying of hunger and thirst there.

Melting ice caps are causing a rise in sea levels. This rise in sea level is threatening the livelihoods of people living in coastal regions. The oceans are absorbing more carbon dioxide which is making them more acidic and destroying marine life.

Climate change is also destroying crops and grazing fields for livestock. It lessens the productivity of livestock, fisheries, and crops.

Rising temperatures and irregular weather conditions are killing biodiversity. The survival of many species is at stake due to the lack of ideal conditions.

The President of the UNGA and Executive Director of UNEP Inger exchanged their ideas on sustainable solutions to these issues.