Karachi, 29 March 2022 (TDI): President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized the importance of producing information technology (IT) specialists to meet market demands on Tuesday.

He was speaking at Solutions Inc.’s 8th Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2022 when he said the federal government had proposed a very solid IT strategy that the industry could benefit from.

Data, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and other areas of the IT sector, according to President Alvi, provide numerous prospects. He went on to say that as cyber security becomes more mainstream, the world would require approximately 8 million cyber security specialists by 2030.

Artificial intelligence, he added, was ingrained in every human endeavor. The President stated that the globe had a lot of data, but that there was a pressing need to analyse it.

He predicted that the IT sector will continue to grow. The world had altered as a result of the Third Industrial Revolution, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution had a significant impact on the digital economy and IT industry.

President Alvi stated that the incumbent Federal Government has focused on the IT sector from its beginning. After 40 years, the public had seen such a transformation.

He went on to say that the IT policy has provided enterprises with income tax and duty exemptions, as well as other benefits. Apart from traditional exports, the government pushed IT exports as well.

He advised investors and businesses to put money into new IT advancements. According to the President, women have many chances in the IT field. They might work from home and provide financial assistance to their families.

According to him, institutions have been asked to teach their pupils in accordance with market demands. President Alvi stated that the country’s maritime technology needed to be improved as well.

He also emphasised the significance of special technological zones as well as the actions done to make doing business in the country easier.