Washington, 14 November 2023 (TDI): Indonesian President Joko Widodo arrived in the United States for a meeting with President Joe Biden in the Oval Office to decide the bilateral cooperation in terms of economic, and strategic partnership.

The United States wanted to deepen its alliance with Indonesia to improve its strong position in the Asia-Pacific region. The US aims to strengthen its cooperation with Indonesia, a strategic partnership, at the highest diplomatic level, both sides want to deepen their alliance in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Meanwhile, President Biden said during the meeting, “This will mark a new era of relations between the United States and Indonesia across the board, affecting everything.”

Additionally, both leaders have covered mutual cooperation in the areas of defense, cybersecurity, space, and climate change. The United States is set to unveil measures in collaboration with a Southeast Asian nation concerning carbon capture and storage, bolstering the electricity grid, and enhancing air quality.

Joko who is popularly known as Jokowi, participated in a joint summit of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) in Riyadh where condemnation of Israel and a call for a ceasefire were top agenda of this emergency meeting.

Moreover, both sides have shared their numerous interests regarding the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas conflict. US officials further added that Biden considers Indonesia, a key player in playing a major role in the Middle East.

However, in the face of escalating geopolitical tensions, Joko was eager to emphasize Indonesia’s enduring commitment to neutrality. “Indonesia is always open to cooperating with any country. We are a strong supporter of peace and humanity. We cannot take sides with any power in this world” Joko Widodo said.

Indonesia is the largest populous Muslim country in the world and has seen huge demonstrations across the country as well as a boycott of businesses seen as linked to Israel.