Ankara, 6 March 2022 (TDI): Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkey, Sedat Önal, and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman met in Ankara on 5 March 2022 for regular political consultation.

Both discussed the bilateral relations, regional issues, and the contemporary Russia – Ukraine conflict as well. The meeting underscored the mutual commitment to strengthening bilateral collaboration in a variety of disciplines via persistent and organized engagement.

It was emphasized that, despite disagreements on some matters, Turkey and the United States have a bigger positive agenda that includes economic and trade partnerships, counter-terrorism efforts, and military/defense sector collaboration.

In this regard, both addressed the practical efforts to be done in order to activate a strategic consultation mechanism unanimously agreed upon by Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Joe Biden.

Regarding Ukraine, Deputy Minister Sedat Önal and Deputy Secretary Sherman reiterated their condemnation and demand for the end of Russia’s unjustified expedition on the country.

In addressing the situation’s many ramifications and supporting a diplomatic settlement, both have endorsed the necessity of sustained close collaboration. In this regard, both have underscored Turkey’s and the United States’ support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Wendy Sherman is on the tour to Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey; Madrid, Spain; Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco; Algiers, Algeria; and Cairo, Egypt from March 4 to 11.

In Turkey, her visit was spanned for two days from March 4 to 5 to discuss Putin’s premeditated stance on Ukraine, the US-Turkey mutual cooperation, and their shared interest in supporting Ukraine.

According to her tour program, traveling to Madrid, Spain, was planned from March 6 to 8 to co-open the U.S.-Spain Cybersecurity Dialogue on March 7 with Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign and Global Affairs Ángeles Moreno Bau.

The Deputy Secretary and the State Secretary of Spain will also meet bilaterally to discuss a range of issues and challenges including Russia’s attack against Ukraine, their coordinated response, and the strong transatlantic partnership.

Deputy Secretary Sherman will also speak with students as well as faculty at a Madrid-based university and participate in a discussion with women entrepreneurs.