Poland FM Jablonski visits Denmark


Copenhagen, 17 September 2021 (TDI): Deputy Minister Pawel Jablonski visited Denmark on 14-15 September 202. He also attended the “three Seas Initiative” conference there.

Jablonski met with the companies of Confederation of Danish Industry and the representatives of Danish think tanks. Jablonski discussed Danish-Polish energy and economic cooperation and the European Union’s social and economic agendas. The Deputy Minister attended the Three Seas Initiative Conference and spoke about the challenges faced by the region. The two sides expressed their views that it is crucial to fill the gaps of infrastructure for a better Europe. 

On the first day of the visit, the Deputy Minister visited the Avedorevaerket power plant. Jablonski examined the power-to-X technology. On the second day, Pawl discussed the Danis-Polish cooperation on cybersecurity in a seminar.

The Three Seas Initiative is a project between Croatia and Poland Presidents to strengthen the unity of EU and EuroAtlantic Space.

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