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PNS Saif on a 4-day visit to Kuwait


Kuwait: June 23, 2021- (TDI): Syed Sajjad Haider, Ambssador of Pakistan to Kuwait received Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Saif at the Shuwaikh Port.

The commanding officer of Pakistan Navy Captain Atif Sultan, Pakistan Navy welcomed the Ambassador and Col. Saleh, the Kuwaiti Minister of Defense as well.

Naval forces play a vital role in bolstering friendship ties among countries through goodwill visits, he noted, reiterating PN’s strive for further cooperation and relations with countries in the region through exchanging cross-training and Naval Exercises.
PNS SAIF will leave on June 26 after completing a four-day visit to Kuwait.

PNS Saif is on a 4-day friendship visit in Kuwait (22-26June, 2021).

Pakistan- Kuwait Relations

Foreign Minister of Kuwait Ahmed Nasser Al- Sabah arrived in Islamabad on two days’ official visit from 18-19 March 2021 with an entourage of ministers representing different ministries including foreign affairs, health, interior, trade, and industry.

The purpose of the Kuwaiti FM visit was to expand bilateral ties between two Muslim brotherly countries. The visit was held in the backdrop of the bilateral meeting that was held during the 47th Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers in Niamey, Niger in November 2020.

Both sides agreed to closely follow up on this meeting and in earlier in January this year, Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister was in Pakistan to consult on building relations in foreign affairs, investment, economics, trade, security, and interior affairs as well as overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

Assistant Foreign Minister of Kuwait was also here for the third round of the bilateral political consultations (BPC), after a gap of four years. Building upon consultations, this visit of the Foreign Minister was an important landmark in the history of diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Kuwait.

During his visit, the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister met with Prime Minister Imran Khan apart from having an in-depth discussion with his counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi. He has expressed to strengthen the bilateral cooperation in the areas of education, economy, trade, investment apart from building cultural ties and people to people relations.

A road map was also agreed to build engagements to upgrade the bilateral relations to the next best levels through strengthening the institutional mechanisms of bilateral cooperation.

Pakistan and Kuwait enjoy deep-rooted diplomatic ties based on shared faith and values, political, strategic, and economic interests. Over the years since the inception of the relations, soon after the independence of Kuwait, bilateral ties are marked with mutual cooperation, trust, upholding stronger ties in the Muslim world, and building regional support to fight the pressing issues.

Kuwait and Pakistan maintain diplomatic missions in both countries. Pakistan has a mission in Kuwait and Kuwait has an embassy in Islamabad. Pakistan and Kuwait are members of several important international and regional forums where both states support each other on issues of national importance.

Both countries are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries. One important pillar of the bilateral ties is the diaspora living in Kuwait who are a source of support and strength for both Kuwait and Pakistan creating a bond of lasting togetherness.

There are serving as doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers and many other important positions in the country hence the remittances are helping Pakistan economically robust. During Kuwaiti Foreign Ministers’ presence in Pakistan, there were discussions about Kuwait’s support in opening new opportunities for the Pakistanis especially those who are workers, professionals, and others living in the country including solutions to the visa issues.

Both Foreign Ministers agreed to expand ties in the field of trade, economy, defense, health, manpower, export, imports, and other important areas to give a new touch to bilateral cooperation. Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi affirmed to further cement bilateral ties and strengthen people-to-people contacts between two countries.

There was also consent from the Kuwaiti side to facilitate the outstanding Pakistanis building tomorrow’s Kuwait which is pacing its way forward in socio-economic development. Recently Pakistan has also announced that in Kuwait’s fight against the COVID-19, around 600 doctors will travel to the country contributing towards the long-lasting partnership and goodwill. Both countries collaborated closely in the health and food security.

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