Washington, 5 October 2022(TDI): The US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman met with the Secretary General of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organisation, Hussein AlSheikh.

Both ministers discussed their commitment to a two-state solution along the pre-1967 lines with mutually agreed land exchanges. They also discussed joint efforts to improve the quality of life for the Palestinian people.


They also discussed current tensions in the West Bank and the urgent need to improve the security environment. Wendy Sherman called on all parties to restore calm and desist from unilateral actions.

US-Palestine Relations

The United States is dedicated to the building of a secure, democratic, stable, and free Palestinian society and government.

The United States government continues to support a diplomatic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. To achieve these goals, the United States will continue to collaborate with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestinian people, particularly civil society.

In addition, the US Government seeks to promote and safeguard human rights for the people of Palestine. The United States also encourages the Palestinian Authority to promote and protect the rights of the Palestinians.

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The United States has been the major supplier of assistance to Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993. It had supplied over $7.6 billion in economic development, funding for security, and humanitarian aid.

US foreign assistance for the people of Palestine serves vital US interests, such as giving relief to those in dire need, boosting economic growth, and promoting security in the Middle East.

Economic and humanitarian assistance initiatives improve the lives of millions of Palestinians by providing immediate relief and advancing development in fields including health, infrastructure, economic growth, and private sector and civil society development.