New York, 20 September 2023 (TDI): In her first address at the United Nations on September 18, Peruvian President Dina Boluarte emphasized that Peru is steadfast in its dedication to improving the quality of life and advancing sustainable development.

She added that such commitment is evident through various policies that the government actively promotes for the benefit of the people of Peru.

President Boluarte took part in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit, specifically in the Leaders Dialogue 1, which focuses on enhancing actions related to crucial transitions to expedite progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi, as well as Minister of Environment, Albina Ruiz, Health Minister Cesar Vasquez, and Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Juan Carlos Mathews joined the President in the SDGs Summit.

During her first address at the UN, President Boluarte pointed out as a demonstration of the Peruvian government’s dedication to sustainable development that over 99% of the Peruvian population is covered by medical insurance, with 70% benefiting from Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS).

Furthermore, she added that approximately $140 million has been allocated for the establishment of the National Oncology Network.

In the field of education, the President explained that they are enhancing bilingual intercultural education by providing books and educational resources in indigenous languages.

Moreover, they are also promoting the teaching of the English language from the earliest educational stages.

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President Boluarte added that their Wiñay Warmi initiative aims to enable over 620,000 women to secure high-quality employment opportunities.

In the case of biodiversity and environmental conservation, President Boluarte stated that the government pledged at the Amazon Summit to expand protected terrestrial and aquatic areas and to plant 10 million trees by the year’s end.