New York, 2 September 2022 (TDI): Permanent Representative of Pakistan to UN Ambassador Munir Akram addressed the UN General Assembly.

He delivered the statement at the convening of the United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit 2022. He was addressing key challenges facing UN peacekeeping through Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) on September 01.

Statement of Permanent Representative of Pakistan

“Peacekeeping is an essential tool for creating lasting peace in war-torn societies. Pakistan is proud to have contributed over 200,000 troops and police in 46 peacekeeping missions.”

“Pakistani police persons have served with professionalism and devotion. Pakistani policewoman Shahzadi Gulfam was the first ever recipient of the International Female Police Keepers Award in 2011.”

“The role of UN police is protecting people, preventing conflicts, and sustaining peace. To meet the UN police peacekeeping challenges, we suggest the following:”

“One, UNPOL needs to be managed and resourced effectively to address security threats affecting global security, involving organized crime, human trafficking, terrorism and financial fraud. To this end we also need to enhance the institutional capacity of host countries.”

“Second, closer coordination between the UN police, the host government’s law enforcement machinery and the civilian population is essential to improve the efficiency of policing in the context of missions.”

“Three, while the rapid deployment of formed police units instead of troops may be needed in certain contexts such deployment should be based on clear and achievable mandates supported by adequate resources.”

“Four, we should consider including police participation in mediation and other dialogue processes especially in situations where a lack of public trust in the security sector is a cause of grievances and conflict.”

“Five, the selection criteria should be applied rigorously to ensure the competence of you and peacekeeping police. The provision of better and advanced technology is mandatory for efficient peacekeeping operations.”

“The early warning systems should be enhanced, and peacekeepers provided with proper equipment to operate efficiently and effectively.”

“Finally, peacekeeping is a shared responsibility, a spirit of mutual and collective responsibility is at the core of action for peace, especially in pursuing durable solutions to conflicts.”

“It is the responsibility above all of the security council to develop political solutions to end old and new disputes including the one where one of the oldest UN missions; the United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan is stationed.”