Peacekeeping drills between China, Mongolia, Pakistan and Thailand

China, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Thailand participates in international peacekeeping drill in China.

Beijing, 6 September 2021(TDI): China, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Thailand dispatched more than 1000 troops to participate in a military drill under a multinational peacekeeping exercise organized by the People’s Liberation Army in China’s central province of Henan themed with “Shared Destiny-2021”. The combined training started off today and will continue till the 15th of September.

China has become the largest permanent UN security council member country to contribute over 40,000 troops for the last 3 decades. In a press briefing, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defence, Colonel Tan Kefei said that these drills aim to enhance peacekeeping capabilities of the standby forces to maintain international peace and order whenever needed.

The drills involve strategies for tactically countering terrorism and violent extremism, fast and effective response, technological advancements in the battlefield, and other such tactics.

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