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Palestine seeks Greek recognition of Palestinian statehood


Ramallah, 14 June 2024 (TDI): Dr. Shaheen, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Palestine sought Greek recognition of Palestinian statehood upon meeting Dimitrios Angelosopoulos, Greek Consul General at the Ministry’s headquarters.

Ambassador Dr. Omar Awadallah, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants also participated in the meeting that was held on 13th June 2024.

While underlining how crucial it is that Greece acknowledge the State of Palestine, Dr. Shaheen emphasized its importance in promoting regional security. Only through the extension of recognition to Palestine would new political possibilities open up and peace initiatives be successful.

Furthermore, she emphasized the significance of fortifying Greece-Palestine bilateral ties and called for a ministerial committee including Cyprus soon. Both sides acknowledged to strengthen bilateral relations by actively exchanging experiences and expertise across multiple domains.

Moreover, the Palestinian Minister emphasized that coordinated international action was required to stop Israeli aggression and safeguard the Palestinian people. Dr. Shaheen conveyed gratitude for Greece’s ongoing assistance to UNRWA and Palestinian organizations.

Consul Angelosopoulos reiterated that Greece remains committed to the two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state on 1967 boundaries with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Palestinian Statehood

Since May 28, 2024, the largest opposition party Syriza, has called on the Greek government to recognize Palestinian statehood. Stefanos Kasselakis the party leader said, “If not now, when? What is the best time to finally recognize the Palestinian state, to follow the example of Spain, Ireland, and Norway?”

While urging the government, he further added, “Europe must have an opinion. It cannot follow America’s example in all its negotiations with Israel, Palestine, and the Arab countries. Europe must have a point of view, and that point of view and activity must be in favor of peace.”

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As of June 2024, 144 out of the 193 United Nations (UN) members recognize Palestine as a sovereign state.

Summaiya Malik
Summaiya Malik
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